Our Story

Acceleprise was one of the first SaaS focused accelerators in the United States. Originally founded in DC, we expanded to San Francisco in 2014.

Acceleprise Partners

Started in Washington, DC by Sean Glass, Allen Gannett, and Collin Gutman, Acceleprise was founded because there was a lack of resources for early stage enterprise technology companies. After investing in nearly fifty companies, Acceleprise expanded with a second fund to San Francisco. Led by Michael Cardamone, a mentor in the original program, Acceleprise recruited three enterprise leaders as general partners: Rowan Trollope, Nick Mehta, and Karen Appleton. 

We believe that we can help build the next generation of great SaaS companies. We only accept 7-10 companies per cohort, so we can be very hands-on and tailor some of the program to each company’s needs.  Think of us as an extension of your team; in the early days, we can add significant value by leveraging our extensive network and operating experience.  We are still in the early innings of cloud software adoption – and the opportunities are endless. We are excited by what our companies have accomplished to date and look forward to what the future brings.

Previous Demo Days

In addition to introductions throughout the program, our companies get the opportunity to pitch 100+ SaaS investors at our demo day.

Our Process

Below is a glimpse into how we engage with companies during our 4 month program.

Application and Welcome

We narrow hundreds of applications down to 7-10 companies that we choose to work with and invest in. We keep the cohort sizes small, so we can be very hands on and really hustle for our companies. The MD sits down with each team in the beginning of the program to come up with a plan for how Acceleprise can be the most helpful to them over the next 4 months.


About three times per week, we bring industry leaders with extensive operating experience in to do office hours, round table discussions, or workshops. Topics include: product, sales, marketing, growth hacking, fundraising, legal considerations, partnerships, hiring, and more.

Key Introductions

We work closely with each company to identify areas of their business they would like help with and to define their ideal customer profile. With that information, we comb through our extended network to make introductions to mentors and potential customers, helping our companies iterate and scale quicker than they may otherwise have been able to do on their own.


Every company has different fundraising plans and goals. We provide individual guidance in fundraising strategy and make introductions to angel investors and seed funds. Many of our companies go on to raise subsequent funding to scale their businesses.


One of our founders put it best, “each one of the mentors has different superpowers; by leveraging the community, so much knowledge can be shared.” We strongly encourage founders to work from our office during the program; the past five cohorts have shown that getting to know other early stage SaaS founders is invaluable. That community bond does not end with Demo Day, either. Our goal is to build a world class community for SaaS founders - and we are well on our way to achieving that.