Changing initial investment from $30K to $50K and opening applications for Cohort 4

Michael Cardamone


We are excited to open applications for Cohort 4, which will start in January 2016, and have decided to change our initial investment from $30K for 5% to $50K for 5% moving forward.  We made this change for a couple of reasons:

  1. Many of the companies we end up investing in have 3+ people on the team and $30K is often not enough to cover expenses during the 4 month program, especially with cost of living so high in San Francisco.
  2. It allows companies at this early stage to spend a little bit less time fundraising, which means they have that much more time during the program to focus on product and customers.

Early stage SaaS companies can apply through AngelList before December 1st to be considered for Cohort 4.  We look forward to reviewing applications!

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