Diversity, Inclusion & Equity at Acceleprise

Our mission is to create a space where everyone—no matter their background—can get access to funding, build their dreams, and push innovation forward.

As both a startup accelerator and fund, we’re in a unique position to influence the future of the tech industry. We have the responsibility to create equity in our funding practices, the duty to lead our cohort companies by example, and the platform to educate our companies to build their own diverse teams and inclusive cultures. 

our plan 

Our Mission Is Three Fold


Build And Develop A
Diverse Team

It all starts within our doors. We are committed to creating equality of opportunity in our hiring process, providing a platform for all employees to grow and develop, and fostering a culture of inclusivity where our people can thrive.

Educate And Empower  Founders

We’re helping our portfolio companies build equity into their DNA by leading by example, offering content and programming dedicated to these practices, and engaging with community, speakers and mentors from diverse backgrounds.

Provide Equal Access To Funding

By investing in companies founded by underrepresented groups, we can help build a more equal tech ecosystem. And a more diverse team at Acceleprise is crucial to sourcing and evaluating companies with a more equal lens.

Our Numbers

As one way to stay transparent and accountable, we’re sharing our diversity numbers and will update these twice per year.

Acceleprise Team

40 %


30 %




2020 Portfolio Company Founders

0 %




0 %

East Asian


South Asian



— Resources 

Let's Get There Together

Are you an underrepresented founder? We’ve compiled a few helpful resources for you while you build your business. 

Interested in learning more about our diversity & inclusion initiatives?