We are happy to announce the 8 companies of our 5th Cohort, who span a number of exciting verticals and high growth areas. We welcome these companies from California, NYC, London, Manila, and elsewhere – our most geographically diverse group to date.  They will spend the next few months hustling, iterating, and growing their businesses with Acceleprise. We are excited to be working closely with all of them!

For those who missed the Cohort 4 Demo Day, you can watch recordings of their presentations here. If you would like to get in touch with any of the companies, reach out to us and we would be happy to connect you.

Also, congratulations to the winner of our recent 2nd Annual SaaS Ping Pong Tournament – Lithium Technologies!

Meet the New Cohort:

Aces Health – Atlanta – Aces Health is the industry’s first end-to-end mobile app platform for patients and investigators in clinical research. With real-time data analytics and integration from an ecosystem of wearable health devices, Aces transforms the patient experience to enhance patient to researcher communication, improve efficiency of data capture, and save operational costs.

Boon – Los Angeles – Boon is an innovative employee referral platform, leveraging sophisticated matching algorithms to surface the right candidates for open recs from a company’s social graph and track the process from end to end.  Led by a team with 10+ years of recruiting experience, Boon provides employee referrals that are less expensive to source, are hired faster and stay longer.  

Exeq – New York – Exeq is an all on one digital financial hub – crafting personalized savings plans, suggesting optimized budgets, and providing investment access to top tier asset management firms. Exeq interfaces with asset managers, providing them with the platform they need to manage their clients efficiently. 

GymHit – Sacramento – GymHit is a complete business and vendor management platform for gyms and personal trainers built by founders with 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry. With 52 paying locations and another 180 onboarding, GymHit envisions vertically integrating certification agencies and supply chain logistics

onTarget – New York – onTarget is a visual analytics solution for the construction industry. Providing real time project management integrated with 3D virtual models, onTarget ensures the entire team can collaborate onsite and stay on schedule and on budget. Over the last few months, our technology has been used on 30 projects, including a prestigious $50M Hurricane Sandy Renovation project.

Riskopy – London, Berlin, San Francisco – Riskopy is the cashflow optimisation platform, enabling businesses to collect quicker and pay on better terms. By leveraging hundreds of disparate external data sources and internal data from customers, it automatically uncovers opportunities in accounts receivables and payables to provide actionable insights.

Sprout – Manila – Sprout is a payroll and HR software provider, focusing on emerging markets. Sprout fully automates timekeeping and attendance, replacing spreadsheets and printed forms with biometrics, single-click processing, and prescriptive analytics. Sprout has strong traction in the Philippines and a growing presence in Singapore and Indonesia.

Indio – San Francisco – Indio brings traditional commercial insurance brokers into the digital age. Indio’s workflow management platform provides brokers with a centralized location to get quotes from carriers and a beautiful client facing interface to retrieve application information.